“I can’t believe ‘Across the Stars’ is in Star Wars – it’s so rich”

I still listen to this piece and I get chills. I can’t believe it’s in Star Wars – it’s so rich. I mean there’s this sort of like very gentle love story emerging and then it slowly builds. … It is a very erotic, sexual piece – it builds and builds and builds and it’s very passionate, but it’s also incredibly sorrowful and dark. And it is sort of set in this very dark period in Star Wars history – war is about to break out, and it does. And they end up getting married in secret. It’s also forbidden: they’re not supposed to do this. It has that sort of forbidden teen or young person angst, young love angst of “I can’t do this: I have political responsibilities”; “Well, I can’t do this because I’m a Jedi and I’m sworn to this monastic order” and they do it anyway. And that’s what’s actually so exciting about it. This piece really is featured everywhere in the movie.

David W. Collins, Star Wars Oxygen, vol. 18 (23 June 2015) [http://www.rebelforceradio.com/shows/2015/9/14/star-wars-oxygen-vol-18]