“If we’re just like everybody else, what are we for?” -Clive Lawton

If we’re just like everybody else, what are we for?  If we can’t add Jewish insights, if we can’t raise the tone of the conversation, if we can’t bring to bear Jewish challenges, then who’s going to do that? I know we’re all brilliant at saying Western things, we can all tell you what every other American can say.  But who’s going to bring the Jewish voice?  If you live and work in one of those multicultural environments, where you have a Hindu, a Muslim, a Christian and so on and so forth, you may notice that you hear Hindu stuff from the Hindu occasionally…; the Muslim says, “Well, from my point of view…”; the Christian says, “Well,…”; do you know enough to give the Jewish comment?  There’s no Jewish answer – there’s a range of Jewish insights: can you offer them?

Clive Lawton, “Should We Be Afraid: An Attempt at Modern Prophecy”, Orange County Community Scholars Program (Uploaded 22 January 2012) {Available at http://podcast.occsp.org/wp/2012/01/22/csp-lawton-should-we-be-afraid-an-attempt-at-modern-prophecy/}