Jews “can relax; we don’t have to worry about [quantitative] numbers”

As you may know, we’re not expanding at a great rate.  Numerically, we’re probably not going to grow.  We might grow a little bit, but not in a significant way, and certainly, given the growth of the world’s population, if the Jews do grow by some marginal rate, it won’t be noticeable.  We are – and always have been – doomed to be a minority.  So, we can relax, folks; we don’t have to worry about numbers: if we’re a small number, we always were a small number, we always will be a small number, we will always be a minority, we will never achieve anything through numerical challenge.  It won’t happen; it never has, it never will.  It’s not the Jewish way. We’ll achieve it by quality or we won’t achieve it at all.  …  Whatever’s been achieved by Jews has been achieved because of the quality of those Jews, not because of huge numbers.

Clive Lawton, “Should We Be Afraid?: An Attempt at Modern Prophecy”, Orange County Community Scholars Program (Uploaded 22 January 2012) {Available at}