“…denominations are more than just ideas and orientations…”

It seems kind of obvious that, if there is a denominational shakeup and a reclassification of the religious-behavioral map, there is an emerging denomination that constitutes a hybrid of conservative Conservatives, the Open Orthodox, and the miscellaneous traditional-egalitarian types who tend to resist classification, but usually originate from one of those two heritages. It is fascinating to literally watch a convergence being created organically by processes that, for some, are about the embrace of progressive values and, for some, about the embrace of conservative traditional values and the arrival in similar places. Needless to say, denominations are more than just ideas and orientations, and also include styles, melodies, political views, food habits, and other expressions of often-inarticulable elements of culture; still, this realignment does appear to be happening and it is awesome to witness to process of reclassification in real time.

Yehuda Kurtzer, Facebook post (26 May 2017) [https://www.facebook.com/yehuda.kurtzer/posts/10155415162267174]