“Religious illiteracy is not a liberal problem”

Religious illiteracy is not a liberal problem. It is a function of two key factors: insularity and lack of education. And though genuine religious literacy tends to complicate people’s confidence in the manifest superiority of their own faith, and tends to discourage less tolerant forms of religiosity that are often embraced by right-wing politicians, this does not mean higher education is “biased” or “anti-religious,” any more than biology is “biased” against creationism.

Nor, for that matter, is it liberal arrogance to point this out. It is simply a statement of fact that, like many statements of fact, makes some of us uncomfortable, but should not be avoided on that score, lest we allow courtesy to obscure reality for the sake of false balance. It would be the height of PC nonsense — the same nonsense derided by so many on the right — to deny the virtues of higher education in order to avoid offending those who don’t (yet!) have access to it, or because it produces people who challenge your sacred cows.

Alan Levinovitz, “Americans — not just liberals — have a religious literacy problem”, Vox (5 January 2017) [http://www.vox.com/first-person/2017/1/5/14166366/religious-illiteracy-conservative-liberal]