Every Jewish home should have a מהרי”ל. What does it mean to have a מהרי”ל? It means ספר מנהגים. It’s also good to have the שו”ת, but it’s important to have the ספר מנהגים. A Jewish home without a מהרי”ל is like I don’t know, but you should have one…, because מהרי”ל is quoted like on every page…. If you learn halakhah בעיון, the מהרי”ל is always quoted and it’s good to see the מהרי”ל inside….

Rabbi Baruch Simon, “Fasting of the First-Born, Part I” YUTorah.org (2 April 2006) <http://www.yutorah.org/lectures/lecture.cfm/714458/Rabbi_Baruch_Simon/Fasting_of_the_first_born_Part_1-_04-02-06>

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