“So why don’t more organizations post salary ranges?”

So why don’t more organizations post salary ranges? Is it inertia? Are organizations embarrassed by how little they pay? Is it because they think it’s a good negotiating tactic? These reasons are all garbage. The “commensurate” issue hides in plain sight and epitomizes a bevy of insufficiencies. If it is camouflaging how pathetically we pay our professionals, let’s stop enabling and let in the sunshine as a disinfectant. If it is done because it used to make sense, then let’s use this an opportunity to reinfuse our hiring policies with intentionality. This is exactly the type of precision change that can tip an organization towards transformation.

Andrew Fretwell, “Memo to the Board: Kill ‘Commensurate with Experience’”, eJewish Philanthropy (7 March 2017) [http://ejewishphilanthropy.com/memo-to-the-board-kill-commensurate-with-experience/]