Going from the Private Sector to the Non-Profit Sector can be surprising, compensation-wise

I knew there would be many adjustments needed to switch from the business world to the nonprofit one, including salary, yet I was starkly reminded of how little we often invest in our Jewish professionals. Eight years ago, a community leader asked me to consider several development positions. When the discussion turned to levels of compensation, she laughed. My inquiry did not include stock options or equity, rather a salary and benefits package that rewarded the huge risks needed to achieve the stated goals. Recently, I saw this posting: Chief Development Officer needed to drive $40 million budget. Salary: $140,000. Would the private sector only offer $140,000 to their VP of Sales who delivers $40 million?

Cari Immerman, “Our Greatest Assets Are Our People … Right?“, eJewishPhilanthropy (4 March 2014)