“…Gordimer seems not only unwilling to negotiate that balance…”

…object of Gordimer’s displeasure is the “Joy of Text” podcast, which discusses matters of sex and Judaism in a podcast. Gordimer does not like that they’re doing this. … They’re discussing Torah and halakha, and such discussion might be incredibly valuable in an increasingly sexualized society, making sure an authentically Jewish and compelling view of sexuality is put out into the public sphere. Like with everything, there is a balance that ought to be struck between two extremes, and Gordimer seems not only unwilling to negotiate that balance, as is his God-given right, but seems unwilling to deny the right to grapple with that balance to others, because the type of Orthodox people Gordimer envisions in his head are not the type of people to have that discussion.

Aqibha Weisinger, “A More Detailed Critique of Avrohom Gordimer’s campaign against Open Orthodoxy/Things That Make Him Uncomfortable”, Pinkasot M’Pi Ha’Aton (2 February 2016) [https://pinkasot.wordpress.com/2016/02/02/a-more-detailed-critique-of-avrohom-gordimers-campaign-against-open-orthodoxythings-that-make-him-uncomfortable/]