Ohio is “not flyover country. It’s a place worth visiting.”

Let me tell you about the Ohio I know: It’s the birthplace of the Wright Brothers and our first astronauts, John Glenn and Neil Armstrong. It’s where the generals who won the Civil War came from and the politicians that led Reconstruction after our darkest hour.

It’s a place where no matter how improbably the Browns lose year after year, people keep showing up, always holding out hope for next year. It’s a place of deep pride.

It’s not flyover country. It’s a place worth visiting.

We are all real Americans, and it’s time we start empathizing with one another more

Patrick Thornton, “I’m a Coastal Elite From the Midwest: The Real Bubble is Rural America”, Roll Call (10 November 2016) [http://www.rollcall.com/news/opinion/im-a-coastal-elite-from-the-midwest-the-real-bubble-is-rural-america]